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The stranger smiled

The stranger smiled a melancholy smile. "So listen," he said, "I am Abbé Faria, is relevant in 1811 came to Chateau d'If. In this previously, I have been off for three years at Forttiffany jewelry tiffany jewelry freshwater pearl jewelry vivienne westwood links of london Pandora?Bracelets . 1 Bayi year, I was transferred to Piedmont in France. At that time, Napoleon seems all the best, even the cradle of his son was still closed so the King of Rome. I was very far then could occur You just told me that change. can not think four years later, this vast empire would be overthrown. So now who is going to rule in France, Napoleon II, right? " "No, Louis XVIII." "Louis XVI's brother! Inscrutable are the ways it! For what heaven should be degraded to a prominent man known to lifting a weak people?" Dantès all attention was attracted to, and how strange this man, he had forgotten his own misfortune, and care about the fate of others came. "Yes ah, the United Kingdom is like thischeap cell phone cartier sunglasses cartier frames oakley sunglasses ghd straighteners ghd ," he continued, "after Charles I to the Cromwell, Cromwell followed Charles II, and then James II, James II succession is one of his nephew, a relative, what the Irish Prince, a itself the king of the Governor, the people made a number of new concessions, a constitution, and freedom is coming! you will see, young man, " He turned Dantès, a prophet of all the excited gaze, he said, "you're young, you will see." "Yes, if I get out of prison!" "Yes," replied Faria, "we are prisoners, but often forget this sometimes, and even sometimes, when my mental vision transports me beyond these walls, I really think that they have was at liberty. " "How did you get here?" "1807, I dreamed of Napoleon in 1811 to achimini hair straightner ghd straighteners coach outlet wedding dresses cheap prom dress eve the plan. Because, like Machiavelli, I also want to change Italy's political situation, I do not look at it split into many small kingdom, each one Wang state weak or tyrannical ruler. I want it built a great, united and powerful empire. Finally, I put a crown on the head as my stupid mistake C? sar Borgia, who feigned to my views, but only to betray me. Alexander VI and Clement VII had such plans, but now will not be successful because they contempt of this plan, that it does not have good results, and Napoleon was unable. Italy seems fated to misfortune. "said the old man last words, tone of voice is extremely depressed, his head hanging weakly to the chest ago. Dantès, all this is incomprehensible, he can not understand how a person willing to take life for such things is dangerous. Yes, he knows a little Napoleon, because he had seen and spoken with him, but of Clement VII and Alexander VI, he knew nothing. "Are you not sick of the priWedding Dresses wedding gowns bridal wedding dress ultrasonic plastic welding shearing machine shearing machine est who?" Said the sailor, he began to believe the guards, then a little bit, and this is Yifubaopu through views. - "You mean, call me crazy, right?" "I dare not say that." Dantès, smiling. "Well, then," Faria added with a smile again, "Let me answer your question right, I admit that I am the Chateau d'If ordinary people think insanity. For many years, in all probability, refers to the guests to visit the prison to see, how to say how mad I am, if there is a place in the dark to the words of the children. Also very likely to re-flattering look and told me to juggle the kids to see. "
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the lower part of the governor'

Also this side and the lower part of the governor'football shirts Football Kit replica watches watches replica watches breitling watches s residence, if we dug in the past, only get into a locked door to the dungeon, there will be caught. Fourth of your cell's surface, which is the last time is the way to - wait a minute, where does it for? " This aroused curiosity through one side into the light or windows, This loophole gradually narrowed opening through which a baby could not have, above, also containing three bars, so even the most suspicious jailer also may rest assured that prisoners are not likely to escape from this place. Newcomers face said, he dragged the table beneath the window. "Climb up." He said the sailor. Young man obeyed, mounted on the table, he has guessed his companion, placed his back securely against the wall and held out both hands. Dantès so far only the person's cell number, from his appearances, must not think that he would so quick, he jumped up on the hop, like a cat or a lizard, climbed from replica watches Wholesale Watches chanel watch louis vuitton bags coach bags coach bags the table as quick Tang Williams out of hand too, and from hand climb upon his shoulder, then bent down, the roof of the dungeon prevented him from holding himself erect, he managed to head from the masonry fence between the plug out to from top to bottom Kangezixi. A moment later, he hastily drew back, said: "I thought so!" With up as just as cleverly slipped from the shoulders of Dantès nimbly from the table to the ground. "What you thought?" Asked the young man anxiously, he also descending from the table. The elder prisoner pondered the matter. "Yes," he finally said, "is this. You this side of the room is an open-air corridor outside, there are patrols constantly pacing up and down there, but there are sentries keep watch day and night." "Are you slouis vuitton replica handbags wholesale cheap handbags wholesale handbags wholesale bags COACH HANDBAGS ure of that?" "Of course. I saw the soldier's cap and musket's barrel, so I hastened to draw back his head, I was afraid he would see me." "How to do?" Sir. "Now you know the order to escape from your dungeon to be absolutely impossible, right?" "Well," young people with the tone of question asked. "Well?" Answered the elder prisoner, "the will of God be done!" When the old man slowly pronounced those words, in a resigned expression gradually appear on his face clouded. The man of hope brewing for so long, now it suddenly gave up, Dantès looked at him, surprised and admiration. "Please tell me, I beg of you, what you are?" He said finally. "Well," the man replied, "If you feehandbag purse handbag purse goyard bag chanel?handbags louis?bags coach handbags l any curiosity, I can tell you now, alas, has been unable to help you anymore." "You can comfort me, encourage me, because I see it, you are best of the best."
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In the evening

In the evening, the jailer came, Dantès already in bed. He seems to feel that it is not dug into the hole to protect a more serious point. No doubt in his eyes revealed a strchristian louboutin nike shoes jordan shoes Air max 90 Air max 97 cheap puma shoes ange look, because the jailer said, "Hey, you have crazy?" Dantès did not answer. He was afraid his voice would their emotions leak out. Jailer, shaking his head side of the back side out. Night is coming, Dantès thought his neighbor would take advantage of this silence to greet him, and he was wrong. But the next morning, when he bed off the wall, he heard a tapping sound three times, he quickly knelt down. "Is that you?" He said, "I am here." "You over there jailer gone?" "Gone," said the sailor, "he will not come back less than a month. We have 12 hours to free of." "Well, I can handscheap adidas shoes shoes sandals wedding shoes ladies shoes fashion shoes women's sandals up?" Said the voice. "Oh, yes, yes, immediately hands it, I beg of you!" Dantès then drill half the body in the cave, he was a ground support hand suddenly stuck down. He quickly withdrew themselves to, a lot of rock and soil down down, on his own dug the hole below, then exposed to a head, and then exposed shoulders, and finally reveal the whole person, that person very swiftly got into his dungeon. Dantès warm hug to greet his friends, his long-awaited, then he pulled the window, so that by the grating from the faint light coming through his entire people see more clearly. Man of small stature, gray hair, it probably is suffering and sorrow, not because of age, the eyes deep God, that almost coysl shoes women's sandal yves saint laurent shoes designer shoes pump shoes mbt shoes vered over gray eyebrow, and a long black beard down to his breast. His face was deeply tired look worried wrinkles, plus the outline of his strongly, a look Bianzhi He is a labor used to care less and less people. His forehead was dripping with large drops of sweat. His clothes had been broken into pieces, draped over his body, had not see them the same again. He looked between the six-year-old to 60-year-old, but he action Daoting agile, indicating that as the result of long-term imprisonment made him seem much older number. Become indifferent to his state of mind seemed to become excited warm up. He was very sincere thanks so kindly welcome, although he disappointed, for he had thought that availability of free, but now it is just another one into the dungeon. "Let us see," he said, "nike air polo shirts ed hardy shirts ed hardy clothing NFL jerseys NFL jerseys I come in is possible to remove the traces. We must strictly confidential, do not let the guards know." He goes up the hole, bent down, raised the stone easily took up. Then, fitting it into its place, he said: "You removed this stone very carelessly, and I think you probably had no tools to aid you."
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